Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Preparation Services

A Different Approach

At Capital Crescent Business Associates also known as CCBA, we believe the spirit under which your company was formed is a vital part of its future growth. Your unique vision for your company is what we are here to support and guide you through.

At CCBA, our clients reflect the testimonials because they continue to refer other businesses and entrepreneurs to us. We work because of the strength of these relationships and bring that spirit to each engagement so that you will be able to do the same.


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Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Preparation Services are a few of the primary services we offer. We also offer business consulting and business registration services. 

Quality Over Quantity

We offer our services to small businesses because we too, are a small business, so we understand the challenges the small business owner and the entrepreneur facc.

We believe that the challenges you face in getting your business up and running do not need to be daunting or frightening. We know that information is power and we willingly share our vast experience with you through each step of the way. 

Businesses rise or fall by the customer or the client engagement. We work with you to set the groundwork for success in every customer or client encounter. 

  • Optimize Performance
  • Contract Consultants
  • Costs in Advance
  • Technology Planning




Our accounting services include financial statement preparations, business operations overview, and real-time information about finances. 



We can take on the role of bookkeeper to keep track of the daily business transactions, leaving you free to network and grow your operations. 


Business Planning

Business planning is a key component of success, albeit one of the most overlooked steps in the process. We take on this role, so you can concentrate on marketing and promoting your business.


Tax Preparation

If your business has income, then you may need the help of a professional and licensed tax preparer. 


G. F.

“Thank you, Toni.  Your team is the absolute best.”

N. S.

“Thanks for looking out for me. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t intervened on my behalf.”

About Our Company


By offering Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Preparation Services, we believe that we can set the foundation for good organizational skills across the entire corporate spectrum. 


We walk with you to grow your business, to make sure that your books are in order, that you are registered with the right government agencies, to developing the right clientele for your business.

We also offer training and coaching sessions to help guide your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation needs. 

We don’t want you to change. We’ll help you get there without sacrificing your values.


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